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WII – NETFLIX REVIEW – “Better than PS3, XBOX”?

WII Remote controlled Netflix is incredible! Slick!

It is by  far the fastest of the 3 consoles.

The reason is (PS3 Move will be able to as well,) not having to click and move your controller. You can grab movies, throw them aside in a neat and tidy manner, push anything  just by pointing the Wii remote.  Very easy and satisfying. It really makes you feel like you are entering a new era in digital entertainment. You can also zip through hundreds of movies in your query in a second, seeing every review, and full movie info, just by breezing over with it with the pointer. The picture is remarkable on the WII, no ‘computer garble’, smooth, clear, sharp! The features during play are really nice to use and just appear on screen as you pointer goes towards the TV.

Now, will I give up using my Ps3 for streaming? No. Ps3 owners should look forward to an improved experience in the whole process, as a result of PS3 MOVE‘ being released.

Netflix on Ps3 and Xbox both work well,  slightly preferring the PS3’s Netflix Service, (No fee, faster menu, multiple rooms) as my service of choice. I simply can’t get HDMI on my Wii either.

Great Job NETFLIX!


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  1. Interesting Poll results. Looks like streaming is a very important part of ownership of the console.

    Comment by ambulocetus | March 26, 2010 | Reply

  2. I agree, I mostly used netflix on the xbox 360 as due it was the only HD netflix device. But after using the Wii version…
    I watched some shows that are in shown in HD on the xbox and the Wii version is a touch lower but still very crisp.
    Less computer pixel garble shows up.
    Faster ( a whole lot faster in menus and loading)
    Less problems with rebuffering even though I have a 14meg connection (readjusting your picture due to network bandwith has changed)
    The dvd box icon pictures loaded without the wait
    Fast fwd and rewinding through the screenshot carousel was really nice.
    For tv shows I found the Wii version would show more description of the show’s episode.
    The only grip is having to put in the disc, but that is only minor considering that I found it the Wii loaded everything a touch faster and the interface…
    The interface is so nice. Point and click 🙂 🙂
    (only wish they would show more of the wiimote control scheme during the bootup)

    Some ppl are going to fall back to the xbox, ps3 1080 output and the wii’s 480p. But the netflix service is not pushing out 1080 and I doubt it is even 720p. I watched several shows and some I could see a difference (mostly the black and white shows/movies )but not really enough of a difference to matter. The netflix quality is still a step above analog (and some digital) cable which is over compressed to allow for more channels.

    Overall the speed of the Wii version of the software, the streaming loading time, and the interface make the Wii version on top.

    Comment by Keith | March 29, 2010 | Reply

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